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Homeowners rented usually want to entrust the management of their property to a real estate agency, in order to limit the administrative burden. Principles, procedures and cost of rental management, to follow in this article.

Rental management entrusted to a real estate agency

It is possible to use the service of a real estate agency to facilitate the rental management of its property.

The agencies authorized to offer this type of service have:

  • a professional card "transactions on buildings and business";
  • a professional civil liability guarantee.

Depending on the management mandate between the owner and the agency, it can therefore: search for tenants, draft the lease, establish the inventory, etc.

To note: in case of fault, the agency may be forced to pay damages to the lessor owner since it incurs here its civil and contractual liability as agent.

Rental management: choose your real estate agency

The real estate agency must be able to propose a management formula without surprises. It is useful to contact a number of agencies before making a decision to compare prices and benefits.

1. Peel the content of the mandate proposed by the agency. Each service must be detailed and rates clearly stated.

2. Focus on benefits like:

  • the rental guarantees subscribed;
  • follow-up of reminders and litigation management;
  • the means put in place to search for and select tenants;
  • visit management;
  • etc.

3. Check the availability of the customer service and its listening.

Rent management agency, how much does it cost?

The amount of rental management fees remains freely set by professionals. One obligation remains here, the real estate agency must visibly display its scale:

  • in the window;
  • inside its premises;
  • on the management mandate itself.

Management fees generally represent a percentage of the total rent rents collected in the year (between 5 and 10% depending on negotiation).

Warning: some additional services, including the rental of the property, are not included in the current rental management fees.

To note: all lessor owner can deduct these fees of his property income.

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