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Writing a rental advertisement does not seem to require special skills. However, its drafting and publication must follow some rules. Techniques and tips for drafting an advertisement for renting a property.

How to write a property rental advertisement?

The first impression of the accommodation is thanks to the ad content rent. The text must convince to visit.

1. The characteristics of the property:

  • location,
  • area,
  • Number of pieces,
  • etc.

2. The highlights of the accommodation:

Proximity to infrastructures View Energy performance amenities
- Transport
- Schools
- Shops
- Etc.
- Absence of vis-à-vis
- Orientation
- Balcony (terrace)
- Etc.
- Insulation
- Etc.
- Lifts
- Heating
- Etc.

Warning: to survive the accommodation is useless, a disappointed visitor does not rent. The addition of superlatives (beautiful, exceptional, rare...) should be avoided.

3. The price must always be indicated.
What pics put forward in his rental announcement?

To be noticed at first glance, the rental announcement must be illustrated.

The property must be carefully photographed and the photos must be carefully selected to enhance the housing.

The photographs to be used in priority:

  • the living room presenting the largest area;
  • an outside view housing (the building itself and its garden, if it has one);
  • lhas a better view observed from inside the premises (swimming pool, gardens, urban view, etc.);
  • room to sleep;
  • the kitchen (and if possible the bathroom).

Renting a property: where to publish your ad?

The most effective way to rent your property quickly is to post your ad on specialized websites in the rental of housing.

Select the ad site:

1. the chosen ad site must be well positioned on the search engines so that the ad is visible.
2. The number of ads it broadcasts must be important, which proves its popularity. However, the more ads, the more competition will be tough.
3. Beware of sites that seem free at first. of the paid options allowing a better visibility of the ad will probably have to be subscribed thereafter.

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