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A rubble dump is essential on a construction site during demolition or renovation work, for example. But do you have an idea of ​​the rental rates for a dumpster? Here is an overview to take advantage of the best prices...

Rental of a dumpster: the tariffs

Rental of a dumpster: the tariffs

How is the management of a dumpster?

Businesses rental of a tipper include the various services and services in their price such as:

  • Delivery of the bucket
  • The recovery of the bucket
  • The waste treatment (This point is important because a dump refuses to treat several tons of rubble.It is a specific recycling sector.

Rates for renting a dumpster

Prices vary according to different criteria:

  • The volume of the bucket
  • The nature of rubble (green waste, stone and bricks, polluting waste and dangerous as asbestos materials for example...)
  • The duration of the rental (the price is decreasing according to the number of days rented)
  • The distance between the company and the site

As a rule, the price of renting a dumpster is between 350 euros and 700 euros depending on the size. This price normally includes all services such as the installation, the removal of the bucket and the treatment of rubble.

Here is a comparative summary table that will give you some indications of the cost of renting a dumpster:

Container in m³Rental rate of rubble dump per day
10 m³350 €
15 m³550 €
20 m³700 €

These prices are estimates and may vary depending on conditions rental contract of the bucket, the number of days and the difficulty of access to the site.

To obtain competitive prices, do not hesitate to compare rental quotes to evaluate benefits and prices. The tariffs and the different services must be detailed in the specifications and all the clauses of the contract regarding the modalities (date, conditions of installation and removal, insurance...) must be clearly mentioned.

What there is to know…

To rent a dumpster, it is advisable to make the request 48 hours in advance. If your bin is outside your lot, it is imperative to indicate it on signs and ask all administrative authorizations needed from the town hall of your municipality.

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