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Maintaining garden furniture or matching furniture: it's easy with sprays! Primary hanging, painting, varnish, everything is in the bomb! It's your turn.

Maintain outdoor furniture _ edding spray paint

Necessary material

to paint garden lanterns_edding

Chairs and garden table to renovate
A priming coat in spray (edding - universal color)
Paint sprays (here: oil, green yellow, green edding mousse)
Transparent varnish in gloss or satin spray (edding)

Painting her garden furniture at the bomb

to paint wooden garden chairs _ edding

  • The furniture requires a clean and dry surface, with no traces of rust or grease.
  • Apply a primer that will improve adhesion and make the result brighter.
  • Apply the paint of the desired color in cross passes over a large area and at a distance of about 15 cm to obtain a uniform application.
  • Protect with a clear varnish.

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