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I want to give a touch of youth to the walls of my bathroom covered with Buflon. Is it possible to repaint the Buflon? If yes, should we first use a sub-layer and which one, or can we paint directly with an acrylic paint?

The term Buflon has been used to designate two Venilia products: a thick plastic wall covering imitating tiling and a textured thin vinyl. It's usually the first one we talk about. It was only available in very few colors and over time the coating could fade or tarnish. Painting is possible if you do not want to engage in heavy lifting work (or dubbing). You can paint it after scrupulous cleaning with a detergent removes all traces of grease (Laundry Saint-Marc, for example). A special plastic and PVC sub-layer will then have to be applied. Be careful, however, the Buflon is a support that can be degraded by certain chemical agents; the choice of a specific sub-layer is therefore essential (J2 Plastic, JULIEN PVC). It will allow a better grip of your painting.

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