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I have a wall made of stone imitation platelets. I would like to repaint or renovate but as for the paint I do not know what color or what paint to use. The joints are quite wide. Can you help me?

For paint a wall covered with stone imitation platelets (probably indoors), you have to use a matte acrylic paint quality. Privilege the purchase from paint traders, seemingly more expensive, but offer ranges of paint in strong covering power. This quality is necessary in order to cover one or two layers, and homogeneously, stones and joints.
For the hue to rent, it's a matter of taste. Light shades make the room bigger and brighter, dark shades add privacy, and visually reduce a room that's a little too deep.
Finally, the matt finish makes it possible not to put too much emphasis on the reliefs of the reconstituted stone. In return, a matte paint is hardly washable.

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