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Repainting wooden shutters

With the wear of time and climate, wooden shutters sometimes require a new coat of paint. This work, reputed long and boring is not always as binding as it looks. It must still know the steps and have the right tools.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A table (trestles and a board will do just as well)
A wire brush
A sander

Step 1: choose the painting

The choice of painting must be made according to the climate and your expectations. Acrylic paints are not very fragrant and dry fairly quickly. Glycerol paints take longer to dry but are leachable and have a high covering power. Note that there are paints treated against UV, insecticides, water repellents and fungicides.

Step 2: Surface preparation

Start by dismantling your shutters to work horizontally. Then lay them flat on a table.
Brush the set of iron fasteners with the wire brush. If you notice rust, treat it with a rust-destroying product.
If the painting of the shutters is in bad condition, you will have to strip it.
If the flap paint is in an acceptable condition, clean it with Saint-Marc type detergent and then sand it energetically with a very fine grit.

Step 3: Paint application

Once your surface is clean and crisp, you can start painting.
Dilute some glycerol paint in white spirit or water if the paint is acrylic and apply the first coat with a brush following the direction of the fiber.
Let the paint dry and then sand it lightly with a very fine grain.
Then apply the second coat, this time without diluent, painting in small areas so as not to overload the surface.

Repainting wooden shutters: shutters

Step 4: the finishes

After the second layer, you can protect your woodwork by varnishing.

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