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Repair a cracked ceiling

Over time, ceilings often tend to crack slightly and their paint peeling off. To give them a second youth, it is imperative to renovate them before repainting.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A tarp.
A stepladder.
A knife to coat.
Saint-Marc type laundry.
A sponge.
A scraper.
Protective glasses.
Filler patching.
Sandpaper with very fine grain.
A roll.
A small brush (or tampax with blue applicator).

Step1: preparation of the surface.

Start by removing the chipped pieces of paint with a knife.

Repair a cracked ceiling: cracked

Dilute the Saint-Marc laundry in a bucket of water (count 100 grams per liter), then wash the ceiling with a sponge and rinse with plenty of water.
With the scraper widen the cracks, removing all the parts that no longer adhere.

Repair a cracked ceiling: cracks

Step 2: Repair the surface.

Moisten cracks with a fine brush to promote adhesion of the plaster.

Repair a cracked ceiling: cracks

Apply a first coat of plaster to the knife and allow to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Repair a cracked ceiling: repair

Once the first coat is completely dry, go for a second.

Step 3: finishes.

With a very fine grit, sand the plaster until the surface becomes perfectly smooth and flat.
Finally, the roller ceiling must be repainted for a clean and uniform result.

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