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Repair a concrete staircase

The noses of the steps of the concrete stairs tend to be damaged quite easily. If it is damaged, we advise you to repair it as soon as possible so that the problem does not become more important.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A hammer
A metal brush
A vacuum
A spirit level
Breeze blocks
Wooden planks
A sponge
A trowel
A trowel
A joint iron
Ready-to-use repair mortar

Step 1: Prepare the support

Repair a concrete staircase: repair

In order for the repair mortar to hang well, it is essential to prepare your walk.
With the mallet and the mallet, you will open a bleeding on the damaged part of the nose of the staircase.
Then clean the area to be repaired by rubbing it with the wire brush.
If parts of the concrete crumble or come off, do not hesitate to insist on them to take off.
To eliminate dust, vacuum your market.

Step 2: the formwork

For your convenience, it is advisable to install a small wooden form around the step to guide you in your work, and avoid overflowing.
Block your formwork by placing breeze blocks against the wooden planks.
Make sure with the spirit level that your formwork is aligned with the nose of the step.

Step 3: the mortar

Repair a concrete staircase: your

Before applying the repair mortar, dip the cavity with a sponge to make it easier to grip.
Then fill the opening by trowel-coating the repair mortar.

Step 4: the finishes

As long as it is still cool, float your mortar so that it is as smooth as possible and that the repair is invisible.
If the nose of your step is rounded, pass a joint iron along the mortar before it dries

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