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When replacing a broken glass on a double-glazed window, should we stick the new glass on the support? If so, with what type of product?

The principle of double glazing is to trap a gas blade (argon in most cases) between two panes, one of which is often treated with a layer of metal salt to filter the UV and become less emissive.

If you replace only one of the two panes of double glazing, you will lose most of the insulating qualities of it.

It is very difficult to find "cassettes" produced in the factory, consisting of a sealed double glazing, with argon between the two sheets of glass. If your window is of known brand you may be able to order in one. These "cassettes" are glued with a silicone-based sealant (see our FACT SHEET on the subject), sometimes with a glazing bead (holding rod) on the wooden windows.

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