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Repair a chimney flashing

Designed to seal between the roof and the foot of your chimney, the flashing must be in perfect condition. A crack or detachment can quickly affect this very sensitive area and cause infiltration. If you spot the slightest anomaly, intervene as soon as possible to limit the damage.

Difficulty level


Tools and materials needed

A roof ladder
A hammer
A chisel
A wire brush
A trowel
A cloth
A roulette wheel for wallpaper
A brush
A repair mortar adapted
A self-adhesive sealing tape roll covered with a metal foil (available in many sizes and colors)
A suitable primer primer layer (usually recommended by the manufacturer of your sealing tape)

Before starting this operation, be sure to observe the recommended safety requirements for roof work.

Step 1: Surface preparation

Remove the damaged mortar and old flashing from the hammer and chisel.
Brush energetically the periphery of your flashing.
If you notice any significant cracks, moisten the area with a cloth, then re-apply with a trowel and repair mortar.
Let everything dry and then carefully dust off the flashing with a rag.
Then apply with a brush a layer of primer on a strip about 10cm wide.

Step 2: repairing the flashing

Repair a chimney flashing: flashing

Unroll your adhesive tape and place it on the periphery of the flashing.
The strip should be halfway between the chimney and the roof. You will make it exceed about 10 centimeters on the side of the chimney and about 5cm on the side of the roof.
Gradually peel off the adhesive from your tape while gluing it (press hard) as you go with a cloth.

Step 3: the finishes

Flatten then smooth the band with the wheel to facilitate its adhesion.

Video Instruction: Chimney Flashing Repair