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A hitch in your wallpaper? A classic children's room (with the blur in good standing), which can be found in any room. For a repair you need:

A sponge, warm water.
A cutter.
Wallpaper glue and a brush.
A falling wallpaper.

Method: Start by removing the damaged part, wet with warm water, using a sponge to soften the glue. Cut the damaged part out of the cutter and remove it. Take care that the paper around is always adhering, if not, pass some glue on it. Cut out a piece of paper slightly larger than the now missing part, glue it and then glue and scrub, by brush or by hand.

If your paper has patterns, be careful of the fittings. If you do not have rolls or falls, it is always possible to pick up a piece of paper in an inconspicuous place such as behind a piece of furniture.

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Video Instruction: The Hitch BENT???