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I had a terrace that was tiled several years ago, we then installed a veranda above, and put a tiling "inside" on the tile "outside" previously laid. Today a part of my tiling comes off: 4 rows (on 8) in the direction of the length, rows closest to the outside (bay windows). What would you advise me to do before gluing this tile to stop the humidity and prevent it from getting back. Without redoing everything and that it is not too expensive if possible.

The collage of a new tile on an old is a delicate exercise, even more in a veranda which undergoes directly the thermal shocks and the variations of humidity.
In this case, the only durable solution seems to lie in the complete removal of the two layers of tiles, in order to start on a healthy basis for laying tiles (as in a bathroom).
In the impossibility of retaining this solution, partial gluing must be done using a tile adhesive for flexible supports (called "flex"). It will be the same for the joints, which must be able to maintain some flexibility over time. In this way, the tiles put back in place will be less sensitive to the variations of the support, but the durability will remain nevertheless random.

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