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Repair a mud wall

We acquired a house 1930 there is little, the wall of the facade presents a slight trace of humidity and a crumbling of the mud (which is in thin layer) The radiator is partly fixed on this mud flawed I thought to clean all the part of the wall crumbling and be:
- put a thin layer of Sikalatex + butcher with MAP + finish with a smoothing coating or
- redo the mud and cover with a coating with lime the first solution seems more "simple" thank you for your opinion and your advice and congratulations for the show that I am loyal for qques months now thank you !!

Before repairing, we must check if this arrival of humidity is recent and what is the cause. It must be neutralized.
Once this problem is solved, it is important to know that a mud wall is durable as part of a precise hygrometric balance. The presence of an electric heater is certainly the cause of an imbalance by alternating heating phases and interruption thereof (principle of "all or nothing" operation of an electric heater.It would be advisable to review the heating mode.
For repair, it can be risky to marry these traditional materials with modern, rigid and waterproof techniques. Repainting with cob and lime appears much more appropriate. These are materials that allow the structure to breathe, which match the flexibility of an old masonry, and which have a real ability to regulate any moisture coming.

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