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Repair a wooden window frame.

With wear and moisture, it is not uncommon for wooden window frames to swell, resulting in unpleasant friction.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

Medium grain sandpaper and a sanding block.
Or a wood plane.
A pencil.
Varnish or paint adapted to your window.

Step 1: preparing the surface.

Try to open and close the window to look for places where the woodwork is damaged.
Note the defective locations by taking pencil marks.
For more ease we advise you to disengage the window.

Step 2: Repair the window.

Plan or sand your landmarks little by little without forcing, otherwise the gap may become too big and your window will let in both air and water.

Step 3: the finishes.

Repaint, varnish or glaze your window.
Once your window is completely dry, all you have to do is put it back in place.

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