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The roof waterproofing treatment protects the tiles from the weather. In other words, applying a water repellent treatment allows you to extend the life of your roof. Explanation.

What is a waterproof roofing treatment?

Water repellent treatment is used to increase the tightness of a roof. It is applied directly to tiles and, in a sense, removes moisture and rainwater. More exactly: a roof waterproofing treatment consists of water and additives. When laying, the water allows the penetration of the product into the tiles. After installation, the water evaporates and only the additives remain. These act as a protective film on the tiles, and prevent the infiltration of water into the material. The water repellent treatment for roofing thus protects it from bad weather.

Why use a water repellent treatment?

Beyond the protective barrier against moisture and rainwater, the water-repellent roofing treatment allows

  • keep the roof in good condition and the tiles in their original color
  • prevent cracking and water infiltration
  • extend the life of tiles and roofing
  • also prevent the formation of moss and lichen

Unfortunately, the product will not be effective on tiles already in poor condition, ie porous, displaced, broken. If there is already water infiltration in the roof, applying a water repellent treatment will not change anything. The product must be applied to tiles in good condition, clean, and without foam or lichen (if this is not the case, you can treat your roof with an anti-foam product).

How to proceed with water repellent treatment of a roof?

The application of the roof waterproofing treatment can not be performed only by a professional. Calling a professional allows you to take advantage of an expert opinion: he will choose the most suitable product for your roof and the perfect dosage. Similarly, a professional will work in compliance with current safety standards.

Little more: the water repellent treatment must be applied on a clean roof and in good condition. The professional can also take care of the cleaning and the preparation of your roof before application of the treatment.

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