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I have a bit of air conditioning that makes noise and strike my electricity bills. Is it true that a Canadian well could be a good substitute for it? What is it exactly and how does it work? Where can I find reliable info and a competent installer? Thank you in advance and congratulations for your show. Keep giving us good advice with a smile!

The Canadian well system has been known since ancient times. It consists of exploiting the temperature difference between the basement and the atmosphere (colder in summer, warmer in winter). It should actually be called "Provençal well" because we knew the virtue of the system in Provence well before our Canadian friends (who use it especially in winter). Concretely, a pipeline is made underground, where the air is directed towards the house, warming it in the winter and cooling it in the summer. It is therefore a reversible system naturally. Today the device is improved by the use of a fan, probes and possibly an association with the VMC. This excellent system should not be confused with heating or air conditioning, but only as a natural way to help heat or cool the home.

You will also find information on the EOLE website

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