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I have to buy a 260 m house2 in Bourgogne. The heating is oil. I would like to change it for a condensing boiler. What serious brands do you recommend and especially what power. I know I should change the radiators since there boilers are condensing. Again what brands and what kind of material not too expensive? Obviously, I will call a professional for the pose.

The question does not specify two two important points:
1) the insulation level of the house
2) the possible connection to town gas
The replacing an oil fired boiler with a condensing gas boiler is justifiable, when it is possible to connect to the natural gas network. In the opposite case, the operation with propane gas remains more expensive than the operation with oil.
The choice of condensation is interesting... if the boiler condenses, which often assumes, as you noted from replace radiators and pipes.
In addition, condensation imposes a new casing of the chimney, or its abandonment to go into "sucker" mode.
All these additional costs: additional cost of the condensing boiler, casing, suction cup, must be taken into consideration, taking into account the current low price of fuel oil.
For power, everything depends on the number of rooms to heat, their volume, the level of insulation of the house and the geographical area. Burgundy is vast, the winters are not the same in the Morvan, Dijon or in the Saone Valley.
As for a preferred brand, you must first be concerned about the company that will carry out the installation: its reputation, its seniority, proximity, qualification and certification (Qualibat, no example). A hot water heating system involves maintenance, adjustments, possible failures. As a rule, the heating engineers, who value their reputation, have tidied up between the most reliable brands and those "at risk". They work most often with two or three reputable brands, you trust them. On a positive note, by switching to a condensing boiler, you will receive a 30% tax credit if it is your primary residence, and in any case of energy certificate bonuses.

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