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After a fire in a room whose walls and ceiling are covered with Placo® BA13, should all the BA13 coatings be replaced? The ceiling partly exploded and the glass wool went through the opening. The wall on which was leaned the headboard (very flammable materials) which burned is very damaged.

I advise you to change the plates and check the condition of the insulation because although classified non-combustible, in case of explosion, it may have been partially destroyed and it has moved. You risk differences in density and thermal bridges.

Normally in case of fire you have to use your home insurance and declare the loss within five days by registered letter. The expert appointed and sent to the scene by the insurer to assess the damage and initiate the refurbishment procedure should confirm this. In case of disagreement, note that you can commit your own expert and appeal to the insurance mediator if the disagreement persists.

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