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Replace a sink

It is not uncommon for a basin of breeze or cracks. If you are a minimum handyman, it is possible to change yourself your washbasin in a few hours.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A spirit level.
A pliers power strip.
A spanner.
One meter.
A silicone seal cartridge.
A faucet system adapted to your sink.
A suitable evacuation system (drain, siphon, piping).
A new washbasin.
A column, a vanity unit or a system of fixing for washbasin.

Before choosing your new washbasin, take precisely the measures of the old to take a model adapted to your bathroom.

Step 1: Disassemble the faucet.

Replace a sink: sink

Start by turning off your water tap, then open your faucet to empty the drain.
Place a basin under the sink and unscrew the drain, drain and siphon.
Unscrew the faucet connections with pliers.

Step 2: Disassemble the basin.

Peel the seal off your bowl with a cutter.
If your vaque is fixed on brackets, it will then loosen the screws with the screwdriver, as well if it is fixed on a column.

Step 3: install the new basin.

Replace a sink: your

Fix your bowl on its support by putting it down or by screwing it.
Place the sink on its support or have it held by a third person and make the sealing bead between the basin and the wall, with silicone sealant.

Step 4: Install the faucet.

Install the faucet and connect it to the water supply.

Step 5: Connect the drain.

To connect the drain of your washbasin, fit the different parts of the drainage system and the seals.

To check the correct operation of your installation, open your water tap and run some cold and hot water in your sink.

Video Instruction: How to Replace a Kitchen Sink and Faucet