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The Indian summer is over, temperatures are falling outside and inside your home. It is time to restart your boiler en route before winter appears but it requires some preliminary checks. Overview.

Put a boiler back on before winter

Put a boiler back on before winter

When to check your boiler?

We do not put the boiler on the move that when the internal temperatures do not allow us to have a comfortable heat, which is logical. However this generalized attitude is a bad habit because in case of non-functioning of the boiler, the repair can be very long in winter since the repairers are much solicited at this time.
We advise you to test your boiler, the radiators as well as any programming when the temperatures are still lenient. The summer period is ideal for this audit, professionals are not overwhelmed and this will save you some disappointments when using your heating.

Control your boiler before the cold weather

Remember to purge your radiators and check the pressure of the heating circuit recommended by the supplier.
If you heat with fuel, check the condition of your tank and fill it if necessary before winter. Take the lead by ordering the fuel out of winter, the fuel is generally cheaper, you will save money and you will be ready when the cold weather arrives.
The chimney sweeping is not only mandatory for a wood boiler, all types of boilers are concerned if they have a power between 4 and 400 kW.
It is important to note that boilers must be serviced at least once a year by a professional.
For your safety and regular maintenance without having to think about it, subscribe to a maintenance contract with the installer of your boiler. In the context of such a contract, in addition to routine services and the measurement of CO2, dangerous for humans, repairs and interventions will be more quickly supported, for example.

How to put a boiler back into operation?

After doing all the checks to guarantee the proper functioning of your installation and the safety of the occupants, refer to the instructions for use to restart your boiler before winter. Contact the manufacturer or check the web if you no longer have the manual.
Call a manufacturer-certified specialist if you have any doubts about re-starting your boiler. He can explain the process in real time and intervene in case of problems.

If your boiler is used to produce hot water all year long, the boiler certainly has a "winter mode" button to switch on so that the various heaters are powered.