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A balloon whose trajectory deviates, a pull too strong on a window whose wood has swelled during the winter and spits, the glass is spread in a thousand pieces or splits. Whatever the cause, the glass is to be replaced. What to do in this case?

What to know before changing windows

It should be known that double and triple glazing require the intervention of a glazier. He alone has the knowledge and the material to create the void, the very principle of this type of glass.

Before you start any step, remember to close the opening left to all winds. Polyane is the ideal material because waterproof. The black trash bags that contain them are also a valid option, provided they cover a rigid support.

The essentials for a request quote for replacing a window

As with all jobs, it is recommended to ask for several quotes. However, if your window is old, with a wooden frame or iron, only a single glazing of 3 to 4mm is suitable. This explains that in this case only, there are packages whose price, depending on the region, oscillates between 50 and 150 €.

Otherwise, in any estimate, indicate the dimensions of the glass to be replaced. Attention, the measures must include the rabbet or border where the glass is inserted.

Single, double or triple glazing, frosted opaque glass, the nature of the glass to use is decisive for the price. It is to be mentioned precisely.

If it is not a replacement, please specify the nature of the piece to be equipped and its exposure to heat and weather...
Finally, most forms allow you to specify the desired time. In case of replacement, do not hesitate to program an emergency.

Price ranges for replacing a window

Although it is difficult to indicate the rates that differ depending on the region or city you live in, the size of the company you are addressing and all the technical data, here are the average prices allocated to the main positions.

  • displacement: between 25 and 50 €
  • Workforce: between 45 and 60 €
  • Double glazing: between 45 and 130 m²
  • For triple glazing: add 40% to the price of double glazing (additional soundproofing)
  • Frosted opaque glazing: ideal for a bathroom, around 70 €

All rates are indicative only. For a fair price, feel free to request window quotes.

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