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replace a CD player with a DVD player

PCs have long been delivered with a simple CD player. It is quite easy to substitute a DVD player that offers a storage possibility seven times larger. With a tower, the elements are very easy to access and the operation is very simple.

Necessary material

  • Phillips screwdriver

Opening the computer case

In order, turn off the ON / OF switch and remove the power plug from the computer.

Turn off the power and unplug the unit

1. Turn off the power switch and remove the power plug.

Replace a CD player from a PC with a DVD player

To empty the capacitors, you must press the ignition button several times, even if you have previously unplugged the computer.

Press the ignition button several times

2. Press the ignition button several times to empty the capacitors and thus avoid any risk of electrocution due to the accumulation of residual current in some components.

The side panel is usually held by two screws that must be undone.

Undo the screws on the side panel

3. Put the central unit in a horizontal position.
Loosen the side panel locking screws on the Phillips screwdriver.

Simply slide the panel to access the inside of the computer case.

Open the case

4. Slide the side panel to remove it.
Be careful not to get hurt with the edges of the sheet forming the panel!

Replacing the CD player with the DVD player

Start by disconnecting the power supply from the CD player in place and the IDE ribbon connected to the back of the player.

Disconnect the power supply and the groundwater IDE

1. Disconnect the power supply from the CD player.
Disconnect the IDE ribbon from the back of the CD player.

By following the IDE ribbon, it is possible to locate its connection on the motherboard.

To locate the location of the water table IDE

2. Follow the IDE ribbon of the CD drive to its location on the motherboard.
Locate the location of the IDE web.

Once localized the connection of the IDE sheet on the mother, disconnect and remove the tablecloth.

Disconnect the IDE ribbon from the motherboard.

3. Disconnect and completely remove the IDE pad.

With a Phillips screwdriver, undo the screws holding the CD drive.

Undo the locking screws.

4. Loosen the locking screws on the CD player with the Phillips screwdriver.

Just slide the CD player back to take it out.

Remove the CD player

5. Slide the drive outward to remove it.

The connection of the CD player is ensured by a ribbon IDE, that of the DVD player by a SATA cable.

IDE and SATA cable

6. There are several types of connectors for CD / DVD players:
Above: a CD player and its IDE ribbon.
Downstairs: a DVD player with its SATA cable.

Depending on whether it is an IDE (left) or SATA (right) power supply, the plugs are different.

IDE and SATA power supplies

7. There are also two types of power connectors:
Left: a diet FDI.
Right: a diet SATA.

It is now possible to install the DVD player instead of the CD player.

Set up the DVD player

8. Slide the new drive (DVD) into its slot.
Tighten the locking screws of the DVD player to the screwdriver.

With the DVD player in place, you can connect the SATA cable.

SATA cable connections

9. Connect the SATA power cable to the drive, and then connect the SATA cable.

Locate the SATA port location on the motherboard.

Connection to the SATA port

10. Spot a SATA port free on the motherboard.
Connect the SATA cable from the drive to the motherboard port.

Closing the case

Close the computer case by replacing the side panel.

Refitting the side panel

1. Refit the side panel.
Drag it to lock it.

With the Phillips screwdriver, tighten and lock the screws that hold the panel.

Replace the housing screws

2. Tighten the side panel locking screws.

It is now possible to reconnect the computer and switch on the ON / OFF button.

Reconnect the computer

3. Plug in the power cord of the computer.
Press the power switch.

Precautions when changing a CD player with a DVD player

Upon restarting the computer, the new drive will normally be automatically detected. If this is not the case, access the BIOS to check the correct connection of the reader (press the "Delete" key or the key indicated by the manufacturer at start-up).
If you have a doubt, consult the user manual of your device.

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