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What is the best system for heating an old house on one level of 90 m², with crawl space and cast iron radiators? The roof has been redone with attic insulation and window changes. Currently, there is a central heating oil which is too expensive (1220 euros for five months).

  • If it is possible to benefit from a connection to natural gas, it is energy that remains economical, and allows a fairly easy connection with the existing installation.
  • If the boiler is old replace it with a new oil, will make real savings, especially if we choose a model to condensation.
  • If the boiler is relatively recent, one solution would be to install an air / water heat pump, which would take over from the boiler to outside temperatures of 6/7°, the boiler operating only in the coldest temperatures. We can hope divide energy consumption by twosuch an installation should be able to be depreciated in about ten years. Condensing gas boiler and heat pump in 2018 entitle to the tax credit (in principal residence and under ceiling conditions).

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