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Replace a fiberglass slate roof with an insulated roof

I have to change my slate fiber roof to replace it with flat tiles. My house is located in Burgundy near Sens. What must the quote contain? What precautions, what guarantees to take to avoid falling on a contractor ready to file for bankruptcy in the long or short term? Can I take the opportunity to do the insulation directly on the roof, with what type of materials.

Preliminary remark: at the sight of photos, this isfiber cement slates 40x40 relatively old (prior to 1997), and therefore with asbestos. Regulation, the company that deposits this type of product must respect a very restrictive legislation. It must be approved for the removal of asbestos productsit must declare the worksite in the prefecture and the labor inspectorate, have dust measurements carried out before work, set up a containment zone, store the materials in "asbestos" specific "big bags", make again carry out measurements of dusting after removal, to intervene with personnel equipped with combinations, of respiratory systems and having a mobile unit of decontamination. To guarantee you, make it clear to the roofer that you suspect your cover is containing asbestos.
Apart from this specific problem, a cover replacement quote must include the following items:
- remove slates in place
- deposit of the battens
- supply and installation of new battens
- supply and installation of flat tiles, including all suggestions related to particular points: treatment of banks, ridge, valleys (inside corners of the roof), hips (outward corners of the roof)
- possible replacement of gutters and downspouts, depending on their state of conservation.
Regarding the insulation, you do not indicate if the attic is already insulated, if they consist of small farms or a traditional frame, if they are arranged...
If it is attics said "lost", the insulation is usually unrolled on the ground floor, you can take the opportunity to strengthen it.
If the attic is already built, you can couple the repair of the cover with insulation from the outside (sarking in the language of professionals), which avoids any intervention and damage to the interior.
Regarding the choice of the company, the roofers of quality do not miss in Burgundy, country of traditions of "beautiful roofs". It is important to check the seniority of the company, its references, its reputation, its qualifications, without forgetting to ask for its certificates of professional insurance. Take a damage insurance-work (this work covered by the ten-year guarantee) that will guarantee against the risk of failure or even disappearance of the company.

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