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My house is 20 years old. It is insulated at the level of the attics lost by glass wool 20 cm roll, which seems to be packed. Part of the ceiling is red brick and plaster, the other is a sign apglo on which one can walk. The surface of the house is 108m2. I am proposed to change the glass wool by cellulose wadding with a density of 35kg / m3 and 35 cm thick for about 3500 euros. Is the right solution, and does the cost seem to you justified?

Insulation by spraying or spreading loose insulation ensures a perfect continuity of the insulation, including the right of particular points, not always obvious to well caulk with insulating rolls or panels.
Most insulators compatible with this application are perfomant. The advertised price is not inconsistent, but several quotes must allow comparisons to validate the most interesting offer. I draw your attention to the questions around the treatment of cellulose wadding: prohibition of boron salt in favor of ammonium salt, then return to the authorization of boron salt... Pending clear decisions of authorities in about cellulose wadding, I would stay, for my part, the use of mineral wool blown.

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