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Changing the klixon of a chest freezer

The klixon is a security system that prevents overheating of a refrigerator or freezer by automatically cutting the compressor operation from a certain temperature. It is in some way a thermal switch. It takes its name from the American brand which is the main manufacturer. Do not forget to turn off the power supply before working on the device. When the klixon malfunctions, the device no longer works. Replace the faulty klixon with a similar or equivalent model recommended by the manufacturer.

Necessary material

  • Flat screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers

Disassemble the klixon from the chest freezer

The klixon is located in the power box. It is easily located near the compressor.

Locate the power supply box

1. Like refrigerators, freezers (here a model chest) have a klixon placed near the compressor. Locate the power supply box, located at the back of the freezer, at the bottom of it.

Generally, the power supply box cover is simply clipped. Just leverage with a screwdriver to unclip it.

Unclip the power supply box cover

2. Using a flat screwdriver, unscrew the power supply box cover first.

The cover of the power supply box being removed, it is possible to locate the screws for holding the housing (one of them also receiving the connecting lug of the earth conductor).

Locate the screws

3. Locate the screw of the grounding conductor terminal and that of the housing itself. The ground conductor screw helps maintain the housing.

The power supply box is held by two screws, one also serves as an anchor point for the grounding lug.

Undo the screws

4. With a cruciform impression end fitted to the screws, undo them. Be careful to recover them to put them back in place later!

Now just gently pull on the housing to remove it.

Take out the power supply

5. With both screws removed, remove the power supply box.

We can now exit the relay to access the klixon.

Take out the relay

6. Locate the relay located on the back of the power supply and dislodge it to access the klixon.

Once the relay is removed, you can easily access the klixon, and unplug it with a pair of pliers.

Remove the klixon

7. Now clear the faulty klixon. Disconnect the lug with a needle-nose pliers and remove it.

Refit the klixon of the chest freezer

It is now possible to replace the klixon and plug the new one in place of the old one.

Reconnect the new klixon

1. Take the new klixon and reconnect its power terminal to the finger. It is essential to take a klixon strictly identical to the one just deposited.

The new klixon can be replaced in the power supply box.

Embed the klixon in the case

2. Embed the klixon in its housing, inside the case.

It remains to replace the relay in the power supply box.

Replace the relay

3. Now replace the relay in the power supply box.

The power box can be put back in place near the compressor in the freezer.

Reassemble the power supply box.

4. Replace the housing. The reclipser on its support.

Always use a screwdriver with a suitable fingerprint, replace the screws holding the power supply box. Lock the screws without excess.

Replace the screws

5. Replace and tighten the housing retaining screws.

All that remains is to replace the power supply box cover.

Replace the cover

6. Finally, replace the housing cover. The klixon of the chest freezer is replaced.

(photos / visuals: © Spareka, except special mention)

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