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Replace a recessed lock

Most Isoplane doors today are equipped with a built-in lock or "larder" associated with a lever handle on both sides or only one of the door. This is a very simple lock for interior doors, which can be replaced by a barrel and barrel lock on doors leading to a landing or outside a house. The malfunction of the mechanism of this type of lock (here the non-return of the bolt) most often requires its replacement.

The recessed locks are engaged in a recess dug in the edge of the door. Replacing them identically does not pose any particular problem. Be careful, however, at the time of purchase, to check that the new lock is the same height as the old (it is safe to disassemble and take with you in store)! Also make sure that the door is opened. It is sometimes necessary to replace the screws with bigger ones so that they bite properly in the wood.

Replace a recessed lock

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