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Hello, I own a plot of 900 m in Haute-Savoie in NC area. For 34 years, a mobile home is installed on it, with water, electricity and telephone. I pay since 1974 a property tax on built, not built, and a house tax. This is stipulated on the cadastral plan. I ask the Town Hall the possibility of replacing it with a small cottage, because I will be retired in October and I would like to make my main home with legal sanitation. All around there are buildings. The City Hall does not want to hear about it. He would agree to give me 50% of the existing surface that is to say 37m2 in all. Can you tell me what recourse I can have to obtain satisfaction. I request a chalet of 50 m² on the ground with a floor.

First, file your building permit and wait for the answer.

You can then file a gracious administrative appeal (within two months) with the mayor or hierarchical with the Prefect. Or a contentious appeal to the President of the Administrative Tribunal (all this by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt).

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