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Replace a door block

Composed of the frame, the door, shims and fittings, the interior door blocks are sold in standard sizes: 204x63, 204x73, 204x83 and 204x93 cm.

Difficulty level:

Medium to easy depending on the medium

Tools and materials needed:

A door block with suitable dimensions, with its fittings (hinges, hinges or hinges)
Wood screws with a diameter suitable for hardware
A screwdriver
A pencil
One meter
A spirit level
A crowbar and a chisel (only to put a new door block)
A hammer
Cleats and wooden wedges
A fine tooth saw
Sealing tabs
Sealing mortar or filler
Smoothing coating
A cat tongue trowel

Before laying

Start by determining the direction of the door opening (inwards or outwards), depending on the space available, the direction of movement and the layout of your interior. - Take the measurements of the height under the frame and the width of the old block, as well as the dimensions of the old door.
Leave in place all the shims sold with the door block so that it remains squared.
Check the squareness of the door: its two diagonals must be of the same length.
If necessary, shorten the frame by sawing it, so as to leave a small day (half a centimeter) between the door and the floor.

Step 1: remove the old block:

Untie the old door by lifting it with a crowbar, which will serve to leverage. If the hinges resist, apply a little oil penetrating and repeat the operation.
Remove the frame with the chisel and the hammer, without forcing too much.

Step 2: seal the new block:

Replace a door block: block

Secure the sealing paste by screwing them slightly at an angle to the outside of the door frame.
Position the new door block, then make sure it is plumb with the spirit level.

Seal the door frame in the wall with a trowel and mortar or filler. Attention: if the wall is made of plasterboard or wood, screw directly the frame against the frame of the partition, in standard exchange of the old door.

Step 3: The finishes

Let it dry for at least 24 hours before removing the shims.
Fix the door in its hinges (if necessary, screw the hinges in the frame).
Fill the joint of the frame with the smoothing plaster.

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