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I heat my house of 120m2 Nice area (-6° to -7° the winter) with radiant electric heaters: expenditure 1100 € annual. I am offered an air / air or air / water heat pump. Do you think this is profitable? If yes which one is the best solution?

Your heating amount does not seem excessive to me. On a strictly economic level, your heating expense is not considerable, the rather heavy installation of a heat pump may not be justified. If you install an air / water heat pump this implies either the installation of low temperature radiators, or the installation of a heated floor which is a big investment (and may not be possible). Of course, with this solution, you will get a soft and diffused heat for a lower energy consumption. As for the PAC air / air, it is similar to an air conditioning, it is reversible: the gain is likely to be spent on air conditioning!

My conclusion: invest more in insulation work that will lower your energy expenditure in a very significant way. Enjoy while this work is very well subsidized by the tax credit (it may not last...).

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