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When a fume hood no longer works or becomes obsolete it is possible to have it replaced. We can then opt for a more efficient system and design. The intervention of a professional will be necessary to safely implement the new range hood.

Choosing the right replacement fume hood

  • Outdoor exhaust hood or recycling hood?

Kitchen hoods are often mixed, running on both modes. An old hood operating only in recycling mode can not be replaced by an outdoor exhaust hood unless the required installation work is done (installation of the duct, exhaust outlet, etc.).

  • Replace his hood is the opportunity to opt for a more efficient system.
    For a good renewal of the air, the choice of the suction flow (m3 / hour) of the new hood is therefore essential.
    The flow rate for which to opt should correspond to the following multiplication: kitchen surface X wall height X 10.
  • We will take into account the dimensions of the hob, the extractor hood must be at least as wide.
  • We will choose his new hood depending on the location of the old device, for example: a hood hood for a small kitchen cooker hood, mural or island.

Call a professional to replace my hood

After choosing a new hood more efficient, quiet and decorative, its installation must be undertaken by a professional. Indeed, the handling of this type of equipment remains sensitive and the expertise of a craftsman is necessary to:

  • to deposit the old hood
  • to measure the opening available for the installation of the new device
  • to check the evacuation system, if it exists, or to create it if the user opts for an evacuation hood in place of his old recycling hood
  • install the new electrical system with the help of electrician's grilles: earth-laying (direct connection to the frame of the hood) and connection to the electricity supply system

The cost of relocation generally remains very moderate. The amount of the quotations for this type of service, amounts on average around from 200 €.

A price that depends on:

  • of the range hood model
  • outdoor evacuation
  • necessary tools

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