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Replace ridge tiles

At the top of both sides of your roof, roof tiles, usually sealed or nailed, are slightly larger than the others. It can happen that they are displaced or even cracked by wind or ice or that their mortar is cracking. Essential for the waterproofness of your home, damaged roof tiles must imperatively be replaced.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A ladder hook
A roof ladder
A cold chisel
A hammer
A brush
A brush
A small trowel
Mortar (enough to fill a half bucket)
A coupling adjuvant
A bucket of water
Replacement tiles

Before starting your repair, make sure that you comply with the safety rules imposed by the work on the roof. If you are not comfortable with climbing on your roof, we advise you to avoid taking risks by calling on a roofer.

Step 1: Surface preparation

Before getting on the roof, dip your tiles in the water
Begin by removing the mortar from the tile to be replaced with the mallet and the chisel.
Then check that the remaining mortar is perfectly healthy and clean.
If necessary, clean the surrounding tiles.
Prepare your mortar by adding a little adjuvant to the water. The thicker your mortar, the easier it will be to use. Avoid putting too much water in it.
Brush off the dust around the area to be repaired.
Wet the roof with the brush and moisten the mortar to prevent it from cracking, especially in hot weather.
In order to facilitate adhesion, go from the adjuvant to the brush on the surface to be repaired.

Step 2: laying the mortar

Replace ridge tiles: roof

Trowel your mortar on both sides of the ridge, and wherever the tiles will rest on the roof. Be careful not to put too much mortar so that the air can circulate.

Step 3: laying tiles

Replace ridge tiles: your

Before sealing your tile, place a piece of tile on the opening between the two sides of the roof, to prevent the mortar from getting into it.
Then seal your tile identically to the other tiles on your roof, respecting the alignment.
Smooth your mortar well so that there is no hollow.

Step 4: the finishes

If the tile replaced is located at the end of the roof, seal the opening with pieces of tile embedded in mortar. Smooth perfectly your mortar so that the rain water flows well.

Video Instruction: How to Re-lay Ridge Tiles - Remove Ridges Without Breaking