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To guarantee the watertightness and to avoid infiltrations in our shower, the silicone joints are essential. If ours are a little blackened or damaged, no hesitation: we must change them! A quick and practical guide to replacing shower seals in 3 steps.

First step: remove the old seal

Before replacing the gasket of a shower, make a new place and remove the old one. The maneuver is quite simple:

  • With a cutter, cut the edges of the joint.
  • Using a flat screwdriver slid and raised in several places under the seal, we will come take off.
  • One can also pull on one end of the seal to help take off.

To note: if the seal does not come off easily or if all the silicone does not go out, we can use a product of dissolution of joints or acetone (by protecting yourself well).

Second step: deep clean

If we want ask our new seal on healthy bases, it is important to clean the surface that will welcome it.

Again, this step is quite simple: equipped with household gloves, we will smear the surface to be cleaned in the bleach shower (or alcohol to burn), before rubbing gently with the scraper a sponge.

Let it work for a quarter of an hour before rinsing with warm water, then wait until it dries.

Last step: install the new seal

To do this, we can use either a classic seal gun in which we will place a silicone cartridge, a silicone cartridge only to apply manually without a gun. Once the tip of the cartridge cut, place the pose!

For a clean and neat work, we can only advise to apply the silicone gently and all at once, without stopping or going back.

For smooth the joint, we use a spatula for joints without too much support otherwise the seal may spread in the shower.

The exposure time is half a day.

Video Instruction: Ball End Shower Arm Shower Head Installation (Adapter)