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Replace the stopcock on a flush

The stopcock of a flush (more than that of any other sanitary appliance) is an essential component since it allows to cut the water in case of leakage of the hunt itself, without have to intervene on the general supply valve. When he starts to flee or not to work (he is often seized, for lack of maneuvering regularly) must immediately replace it.

Replacing a flush valve requires access to an intermediate shut-off valve (rarely installed in systems) or the general valve. The tools are limited but precise: forbid the multi-socket pliers, deadly for the chrome nuts! Prefer flat keys or two adjustable keys (less convenient when space is limited). The most important point is the replacement or installation of new seals, essential for sealing. Secure it by wrapping a bit of Teflon tape on the threads (no excess so as not to create extra thickness). Do not overtighten the nuts to avoid crushing the seals, a source of subsequent leakage.

Replace the stopcock on a flush

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