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Simple and fast, replacing a 12 V halogen reflector is a snap.

Change a broken spot

Remove a spot to replace it

Tighten the ends of the spot between your thumb and forefinger to release the round spring that holds it (to put it back in place, push the spring with your fingertip).

Unplug a spot to change it

Gently pull the spot to disconnect: reflector and halogen lamp form a whole connected to the porcelain connector by two pins.

Clean a low voltage spot

Take advantage of this intervention to clean the reflectors.
Do not overemphasize: the reflective surface is very fragile with water.

Replace the low voltage spot transformer

If the row of spots no longer works, the transformer may be the cause.
To change it, take it out through the opening of a spot by pulling on one of the electric wires.


Never touch a halogen bulb: neither extinguished (alteration of illumination) nor in operation (burn).

Video Instruction: How to replace various Halogen Lamps, G4, G9, GU10, MR16 12v and 240v Downlights