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Knowing how to handle concrete and plaster, we plan to replace the tiling of the walls and floor (underfloor heating) of the bathroom with waxed concrete. Are there any special precautions to take? Different qualities? And if so, what would be the best brands?

If you lay down the tiles, make sure that the tiles are glued or sealed. In the first case, gently pop the tiles one by one, then make a very careful patching. In the second case, do not touch the tiles because you could damage the slab and damage the heating system on the ground (whether water or electric, which you do not specify). It will be necessary in this case to make a thick patching or a thin screed to cover the tiles before launching you into the concrete "waxed".

This technique requires a very particular know-how; it is very difficult to implement by an individual so good handyman be it.

Specific and professional tools and machines must be used. There are specialists in the field such as FRANCE BÉTON or MARIUS AURENTI. Do not hesitate to take advice from them especially if you have to deposit a tiling adjacent to a floor heating (risk of drilling...).

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