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Replace a louver

The beam on which is screwed one of my metal shutters is rotten / moldy by the bad weather and suddenly the screws of the hinges / hinges of the shutter jump one after another. My louver only holds by the 2 screws of the upper hinge. In addition the other hinges are rusted. We can see that the beam is very damaged at the hinges so I would like to change, only I have the impression that it is not screwed so surely stuck? How to replace this beam? ps: I'm told it's called a louver tapet.


In old joinery, the "typed" shutters are integrated into the carpentry. In this case, the joinery seems to have been replaced by a "renovation" model, which consists in keeping the fixed part of the old joinery, as well as the right and left keys.
The keys are not glued, but give this impression, because integrated in the conserved part of the joinery.
It is necessary to call on a carpenter, who will deposit the degraded keys, to fill them with new ones.
Another way is to remove the shutters, to replace them with shutters, but it is not always accepted in co-ownership.

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