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Replace a veneer

On a closet or worktop, it is not uncommon for the veneer to spoil or peel off over time. Instead of changing your furniture, it is possible to replace only the defective part.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A new veneer sheet.
A chisel with wood.
Medium grain sandpaper.
A flat brush.
Vinyl glue.
A cutter.
A cleat of wood.

Step 1: Remove the damaged veneer.

Remove the old veneer, which should easily come off by pulling on it.
If the veneer resists, you can use a wood chisel.

Step 2: Prepare the surface and the material.

Wet your new veneer in a little water to soften it slightly.
Then grind the surface to be repaired with the glass paper.
Finally, apply a thin layer of glue, the most uniform possible.

Replace a veneer: veneer

Step 3: Install the new veneer.

Lay the veneer (s) on the surface to be covered by slightly overflowing them on all sides.
If you use multiple sheets, have them overlap 1 cm wide.

Replace a veneer: veneer

Marble your new veneer with a small wooden cleat by emphasizing the junction of leaves.
Trim the edges with the cutter and place weights (eg encyclopedias or breeze blocks) on a protective board on the new veneer. Wait a day before removing them.

Video Instruction: Veneer Replacement Procedure