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When a water heater is defective, a replacement is required. In this case, calling a professional is mandatory. This expert takes care of the replacement of the appliance but also provides valuable advice regarding the choice, use or maintenance of the water heater.

The services of a heating engineer

Replacing a water heater is an operation that requires a professional know-how, skills and certification to meet current safety standards. This expert draws his proposals and his quote according to the needs and budget of the client. In addition to the installation which is obviously done in compliance with standards, it can offer an after-sales service, an annual maintenance contract or a maintenance contract on the year. He remains the preferred contact for all questions and problems related to the water heater.

The different types of water heaters and their advantages

In the "water heater range", the choice of models is wide.

  • Instant electric water heater

As its name suggests, this water heater allows you to enjoy hot water on demand. This equipment is not bulky because it has no tank but in return the flow is limited. It is suitable for occasional use as an auxiliary water heater. Very practical, the instant water heater is particularly greedy at the level of energy consumption.

  • The storage water heater

This device consists of a tank and integrates a thermostat to adjust the temperature and an electrical resistance. The heating can be done continuously or for a certain period of time (about 7 hours). By heating the water during off-peak hours, it is possible to save on the electricity bill. Side disadvantage, it is not possible to quickly enjoy additional hot water during off-peak hours.

In the same range, we find the model with low capacity (10 to 50 liters) which works without stopping. The temperature is adjusted by a thermostat. The heating is done quickly without wasting water. This is a backup device that is not suitable for large daily use.

  • Green energy water heater

Finally, you can not finish this article without mentioning the thermodynamic water heater that entitles you to a tax credit. This device produces domestic hot water by being combined with a heat pump or heat pump. The device uses only external energy and renewable energies: it is an equipment that will not fail to attract people who wish to make a gesture for the environment.

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