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I just bought a house in 1930s breezeblocks. On the ground there is a wooden floor on joists with dirt under (crawl space about 40 cm between the ground and the floor). I would like to replace this floor which is rotten in the corners and full of worms. What material do you recommend and what should I put before to insulate?

You can obviously replace the floorboards with boards by changing the damaged joists and joists, but it would be best to remove everything, to establish a hedgehog (25 cm), to pour a concrete slab (10 cm). cm) and make a screed (5 cm), which would allow you to catch up to the 40 cm level (because it is not a real "crawl space." Do not forget to install a waterproof film (Polyane) between slab and screed or hedgehog and slab that will prevent rising damp.

A sheet detailing the process on our site: "Insulating concrete slab and screed", do not hesitate to inspire you.

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