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I currently have a fuel boiler 25 years old for two apartments of 110 m2 and a studio of 40 m2, well isolated in Savoie at an altitude of 400m. Could you tell me what type of fuel boiler (without hot water production) choose how much power?

The calculation of power required is based on the volume of the parts, counting on 50W per m3.

Any current boiler will outperform your old hardware. But a condensing boiler, if it can be installed, will save energy of about 30%. This requires that the temperature of the hot water return to the boiler is low enough, which is usually not the case with old cast iron radiators and installations with large diameter tubes.

You could also consider keeping your old boiler and coupling an air / water heat pump. it will become the main heating mode and the fuel boiler will come on-off when the outside temperature is too low. Ask a quote from a certified heating engineer, you will benefit from a tax credit.

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