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Replacing a mixer tap with a mixer tap on a washbasin

The lavatory faucet has evolved a lot. It was formerly generally composed of two separate faucets on the back of the washbasin and, more generally, a single gooseneck mixing faucet, with a faucet handle on either side of the body of the appliance. If in the two-valve configuration it is only possible to replace them with more modern individual faucets, the gooseneck mixer can be replaced by a single-handle mixer tap (it is turned for obtain the desired temperature, and raise or lower it to open or close the flow).

Replacing the gooseneck mixer faucet in a sink or sink is not a real problem. Just drop the previous one to mount the new one. The problem may lie in the disconnection of the old faucet (sometimes powered by welded tubes that need to be sawn) and the connection of the new one. Mechanical couplings and flexible metal braided lines are a good solution.

Replacing a mixer tap with a mixer tap on a washbasin

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