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I want to replace my old windows and front door with PVC windows thermal insulation (+ 2 phonic). It is very difficult to find yourself in the proposals of various companies (price of the triple) - you say on your site that the total deposit (much more expensive) is preferable to the pose in renovation. One of the companies offers me a semi-renovation (remove only the support bar). What do you think? Is there no risk of water infiltration? - I can not install VMC. Will the air vents on each window be sufficient? - As for the reliability of companies, I hesitate between Tryba (which you had spoken about) and "space and view" (Poralu group). Serious, skill?

I know that it is very difficult today to make a choice between the different proposals of "window workers".

The solution "renovation" is valid for me only when the frame (fixed part) of the frame is in very good condition and same material as the replacement window.

The air vents of the new window may be sufficient if the installer gives you the guarantee on invoice.

As for the brands, they are numerous. I said that Tryba was a serious brand. I do not know Poralu.

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