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Replacement of windows: new windows or renovation?

Owners of a Phoenix house from the 1980s, we want to change our windows. We would like to favor a pose "in nine" to remove the metal frame and not lose brightness. In addition, we will replace our current swing shutters with roller shutters installed on the front (under sparrows cache). I have already contacted 2 artisans who do this work. Is there no "danger" to proceed in this way or installation in renovation would it be more suitable (against loss of brightness and preservation of the frame)? You will find attached 2 photos that illustrate our comments. Thank you in advance for your opinion that will help us make our decision.

The replacement of windows is a heavy operation that deserves to think the question. When it is technically possible, the choice of a new carpentry (that is to say with replacement of the frame) is preferable, in order to preserve the light of day, even to optimize it. In return, this solution is more expensive and generally imposes a few times of decoration. The fact that it is a Phoenix house does not generate particular constraints, except having to settle in a metal frame.

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