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A tired front door is not only blessed bread for burglars, but it's also the doorway to heat loss and heating bills that go up... But how do you know if you have to replace it all?, or just change it?

Replace or change an entry door?

Replace or change an entry door?

We replace his front door if...

When we replace our front door, it implies a total change: we do not change the door, we change the door and the frame that surrounds it. Replace a door block in its entirety requires heavier workbecause, in addition to changing the door, it will be necessary to put a new threshold of door, and to redo the frame of the door.

Although entrance doors today are designed to last a very long time, wooden doors deteriorate over time. As for aluminum, steel or composite doors, they have a very good life. But after a break-in or exposure to severe weather changes, it may be necessary to replace them.

It will be necessary to replace the front door if:

  • The house is old, and we do not find in the trade of doors of the dimensions of ours. In this case, it will be necessary to opt for a bespoke entrance door.
  • We want to strengthen 100% the security of our front door. In this case, we will simply replace our current door with an armored door.

We may of course want to replace the door for aesthetic or other issues, but the costs of replacement are high, so join the useful to the pleasant!

We change his front door if...

Sometimes, we want to strengthen the security of our door, but without changing the appearance.

There are also situations where we simply can not replace our front door. Or we can change it, but under certain conditions. This is the case for example when you live in a condominium, a subdivision or a protected urban area: to not denote in the landscape, you can not choose any door.

Not to mention that replacing the door with an armored door, it costs quite expensive!

Whatever the reason for our choice, it is quite possible to opt for the solution "Door shielding". A solution that does not require the replacement of our door, because we will come to shield the existing door: we do not change the external appearance of our door, and it is 3 times cheaper.

The shielding of a door is to add 2 elements on our front door: a steel armored plate on the door and the frame, and a security lock.

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