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In an old house under the parquet floor of the kitchen, there is a clay cellar. Wooden beams and parquet are in poor condition. We wish to remove the parquet floor beams and lay a tile. What is the best solution? Can there be a moisture problem?

It is necessary to remove your bad floor and the beams to pour a concrete slab on your dirt floor. For this, you must disburse the soil on about twenty centimeters, make a hedgehog of 5 cm of rubble, pour a slab of 10 cm of concrete (sand, gravel, cement), then a mortar screed (sand, cement) of 4 to 5 cm. A patch may be needed before laying your tile.

Another solution: after disbursement on about ten centimeters, make a dry screed (for example in VERMASPHA) on which you will pose panels then your tiling.

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