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The two pillars framing this portal are surmounted by a brick hat. If the crown is badly damaged, it must be demolished and rebuilt identically to maintain the unity of the entrance.

restore from a brick pillar cap

Necessary material

  • Chainsaw with diamond disc
  • burin
  • pointerolle
  • perforator
  • Metre
  • Mallet
  • Great square
  • Auge
  • Trowel
  • Cat's tongue
  • Float
  • Handsaw
  • Hammer
  • Clamps
  • Mallet
  • Spirit level
  • Brush
  • Full bricks
  • 1 bag of 25 kg of cement
  • Fine sand
  • Crude fir cleats
  • nails

Difficulty: 2/4
Cost: about 50 €
Time: 1 day

Characteristic of some homes of the 1900s, brick was often used for pillar heads of fence walls.
The original hat that caps this pillar, has suffered here from the onslaught of time. Water infiltration and frost partially destroyed the apparatus of the bricks.

How to redo the hat of this pillar?

After total removal of the cap, several solutions are possible: reinforced concrete cap, prefabricated concrete cap and sealed. In all these cases, the hat will be different from the other existing ones.
It is therefore preferable to reconstitute the deteriorated hat identically, as here with bricks (22 x 10.5 x 5.5 cm) found in GSB (Castorama) whose color is close to the previous one.
It is also possible to find on the internet the old brick from demolitions according to the original.

Brick: ease of assembly

The chosen material, the repair can begin.
Two rows of bricks are superimposed. The first is overflowing from the pillar, the second from the first rank. Each row is blocked with mortar. The upper central part should be slightly curved in the center to facilitate the flow of rainwater.
As for the cutting of the brick elements, it is done using a chainsaw and a diamond disc (ø 230 mm).

site preparation

demolition of broken bricks

  • The pillar cap has two rows of overflowing bricks.
  • Demolish the broken bricks with the chisel or the pointerole and the mallet.

formwork assembly

  • Assemble the formwork (60 x 30 mm battens) around the perimeter of the pillar.
  • Clamp the frame-formwork with cross clamps.
  • Check the level.

Tip for the handyman

to drown in the mortar of brick falls

  • In the middle part of the hat, drown in the mortar of brick falls resulting from demolition or cuts.
  • They help strengthen the block, avoid cracks and save mortar.

Laying bricks

to realize the formwork

  • The formwork forms a square bowl (depth 15 mm).
  • Fill it with prepared mortar (3 parts of sand for 1 part cement and water).
  • Talocher the surface.

squeeze the bricks against the mortar

  • Align the bricks to the formwork. The 3 cm thick of the frame correspond to the bricks overhang.
  • Press the bricks against the mortar bed with a mallet.

cutting out missing pieces of brick

  • Cut the missing pieces of brick out of the grinder.

garnish with mortar

  • Garnish with mortar with the cat's tongue, let dry a little, pass the joint iron and the coconut brush.

installation of the second formwork

  • Fill the central space with mortar.
  • Talocher and scratch the surface.
  • After complete drying, install the second form around the first row of bricks

have brick on the new frame

  • On the new frame and the fresh mortar, arrange the second row of bricks.
  • Cross the joints from one floor to another and check the squareness.

hat finish

  • Finish the hat by filling the joints.
  • Let dry and fill the middle part with mortar.
  • A curved shape will facilitate the flow of water.

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