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Seducing more and more French, resin sinks are in second position sales, as well as ceramic sinks. Presentation of this synthetic material that brings a touch of design to the layout of the kitchen.

The ultimate modernity of the resin sink

The resin sink belongs to the family of sinks made from of synthetic materials. It is designed among other things based on polyester resin, mineral fillers and glass fibers which are mixed and then molded. There are different variations of the material, including:

  • The BMC: the material is molded at high pressure, with short glass fibers;
  • The MSC: also heated under high pressure, the material has more mineral fillers and the glass fibers are long.

As with other types of sinks, the resin sink offers a choice of shapes, sizes, uses and finishes. Nevertheless, the possibilities are more numerous. In terms of colors for example, in addition to the more traditional, manufacturers offer products in gray, blue, green or brown. Regarding the accessories, the sink may include a defrosting tray, a removable basket or a cutting board.

The benefits of the resin sink

If there is a wide choice of resin sinks that bring a modern and design look in the kitchen, all do not have the same properties, these depending on their manufacturing characteristics.

Indeed, for the BMC resin sink, it is easy to install by its lightness but nevertheless requires the greatest attention because it can break when laying. It is as simple to clean and stain resistant.

More resistant to shocks due to its extreme solidity, the SMC material nevertheless appreciates less high temperatures that can sometimes cause flaking. In addition, it gets dirty more easily.

In both cases, it is advisable to avoid, for this type of sinks, the colors white and black who tend to age badly over time. The first color indeed has the disadvantage of yellowing, while the second tarnishes under the effect of limestone.

In terms of price, the cost of a resin sink is again a function of the declination of the material, understood on average between 70 euros and 700 euros, those BMC resin are the cheapest in the range.

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