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I saw the ad of an epoxy resin, two-component water and odorless. It applies directly and without under layer on ALL TYPES OF SUPPORTS - for the renovation: kitchen, sink, work table, floor directly on the tiles etc... It is about: As I have to renovate my kitchen, I find there the product "miracle" BUT... It seems too beautiful! What do you think? Sincerely, Ranarivelo

Without being "miracle", this product is actually very practical to give a boost to your surfaces. It is actually a product based on epoxy resin, which implies a perfect mastery of mixtures (base and hardener) which can be a little tricky for an amateur. Do not work when the temperature is below 15° C.

For a good result, your surfaces should be carefully prepared. In addition, the setting time is relatively short and requires working safely, fairly quickly.

It is actually a very technical product presented as a product for the general public, but which requires some practice.

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